We have 9 lectures each year, at 1.15 pm on the fourth Tuesday of the month, in the Gimcrack Room at York Racecourse (location information here).

The current 2018 programme is shown below. Lectures for the 2018-2019 programme will be announced in April.

We choose the lecturers to match our programme from the NADFAS national register.  They are all speakers of proven quality and experts in their field.  We prefer striking a balance between interest and education, delivery and content.


Anticipating Portugal

Tuesday 23th January 2018 11:00am NICHOLAS MERCHANT
In this special morning lecture, Nicholas Merchant will be providing some light-hearted guidance to the attractions that will be enjoyed  during our visit to Portugal in September. This will be followed by a lunch (£25 per person). More details and the lunch booking form can be found here.


Classical Palaces and Gothic Structures

Tuesday 23th January 2018 MELISSA GALLIMORE
This lecture focuses on specific examples of design from the 18th and 19th Century and examines the many influences behind country house architecture. We will consider classical monuments, Palladian villas and ecclesiastical monuments to see how they affected the architecture and internal arrangement of iconic houses that we see as quintessentially British.


Fakes and Forgeries

Tuesday 27th February 2018 PROF. NORMAN TENNENT
This lecture deals with the way in which science can complement connoisseurship in exposing fakes and forgeries. Methods include x-rays, pigment identification and dating techniques such as tree-ring dating, all combine to make the forger’s deceptions easier to detect. Forgeries in paintings, ceramics, stained glass, the famous Piltdown Skull and the less famous 1933 penny are amongst those revealed in this lecture.


Art in Fashion: a History of Fashion in Art

Tuesday 27th March 2018 ADRIAN SUMNER
Throughout history, fashion, costume and accessories have played a major part in defining the visual arts of any period, and the character and “look” of that period. From the Ancient Egyptians to the Jazz Babies, Revolutionary decolletage to Hippy Chic from the sumptuary laws of Renaissance Italy via the Cult of the Dandy to Alexander McQueen. This lecture will lay bare the facts and cover up the cracks simultaneously.


Masquerades, Music Lessons and Monkeys: the World of 18th Century Porcelain

Tuesday 24th April 2018 JANE GARDINER
This lecture explores the taste and fashion for porcelain figure sculpture in the eighteenth century, beginning as a form of table decoration and gradually moving on to the mantelshelf and into the china cabinet and how these figures reflect 18th century society in miniature.


The Geography of Art: Maps, Weather, Rocks and Paintings

Tuesday 22nd May 2018 STEPHEN TAYOR
Paul Sandby was a map maker and founder member of The Royal Academy and his paintings owe much to his map making. The lecture explores practical and imaginative links between painting and geographical enquiry from Sandby’s time to our own. The talk concludes with Google Earth and landscape painting today.